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Kunal Nayak
(Assistant Consultant)
Client Id-28061
"I must put that Shweta is doing commendable work. She must be one of excellent asset in organisation. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to have a long term relationship with Invest Guru. I would like to treat this as an appreciation and should reach to top level in your organisation. I will keep on sharing my feedback as experience. "
Added on 28/03/2016

Piyush Prakash
Client Id-24889
"I have carried out a study of past 3 yrs of fund management done by Investguru and have found that most of the funds have been giving constant returns in positive zone. Even when the stock market was going through a bad patch, our investments didn't go down so much and have been able to recover pretty fast when the market has come into positive zone. My only concern has always been with Investguru is the timing which you do not take care of when to enter and when to exit from a particular scheme. If you would have taken care of these things my investment would have generated a ROI of almost atleast 10% minimum additional growth could have been achieved that is my estimation. But despite all this I appreciate the advisory given by you due to which we have been able to make investments and have been able to generate good returns and also the response to my queries have been prompt and good. "
Added on 24/07/2015

Arvind Prakash Nayak
(Sr. Manager-Tech Audit)
Client Id-27469
"My association with InvestGuru started in the month of Aug’14, with telephonic interaction with Mr. Pawan Agrawal. He delighted me over telephonic conversation with his simple and clear approach towards my investment planning. I have gone through the website of InvestGuru and found that one person has put all his effort and most of his life learnings in the text form. All the team members of InvestGuru are experienced professionals and good human beings, devoted in line with customers/investors objectives. I am very much enchanted to be associated with InvestGuru. I appeal & suggest everyone to be in touch with InvestGuru for their invests, and also with Mr. Pawan Agrawal, founder of InvestGuru, who is accessible to all. I am sure, confident and believe that Team InvestGuru shall make things happen and they will deliver assurance of investment growth of each and every one. I pray to god that all our investment translate into daydream ahead of time. God Bless all."
Added on 13/02/2015

Gurjinder Singh
Client Id-25249
"I got associated with InvestGuru when I met Mr. Narender Mehra, in year 2011. I appreciate the fact that they are educated advisors. InvestGuru's team is very knowledgeable and professional. Working with InvestGuru has been very straightforward and simple. They guided us through every step of the incorporation process, ensuring we could progress quickly and easily. We believe that we are in good hands and have already recommended them to a few of our friends. Please keep up the good work."
Added on 22/12/2014

Nitin Vishwakarma
(Creative Director)
Client Id-5067
"The Financial Goal Planning initiative looks very good in the portfolio tracker. It helped me to see the future financial requirements and how can I fulfil them. Really thankful to Pawan for being more of a friend than just being a financial advisor. I have learned many things about financial world from Investguru and don't think I could have planned all such investments without their guidance, specially for my kid."
Added on 06/12/2014

Shekhar Deshmukh
(Chief Manager)
Client Id-21354
"I have been associated with Invest guru since year 2009. I never invested smartly nor maintained any diversified financial portfolio till 2012, although it had always been advised by Shweta Chhabra to realize the present and future financial need and opt for Systematic investments. The key issue remained, "How to manage the investments by a common average salaried person in a safer manner?" Investguru advised me very affordable and effective monthly SIPs in debt funds producing safer returns and initiated my portfolio. Gradually, we diversified the investment in equity funds too, which has strengthened the portfolio with a potential for growth. Excellent service levels, comfort, confidence and satisfaction, I am enjoying all my wealth management and moving towards desired financial goals with valuable advice from Invest Guru team. They have made all this very simple to me. "
Added on 20/11/2014

Ravi Kumar Pandit
(Asst. Professor)
Client Id-27163
"I am working in Jadavpur University, Kolkata as Assistant Professor. I always wanted to have good money for my future goals. I heard from my friends that mutual funds are a good option for generation of lumpsum amount for long duration as well as for short duration. The thing I have to be serious about is selecting the correct fund for my needs and capacity. So for proper fund selection, I talked to many financial advisors and searched many sites and finally my search ended with InvestGuru. I talked to Investguru via phone and they gave me every bit of details about MF and my investment planning. After analysing their suggestions, I am able to make my first MF investment through them. I am satisfied with their services and efforts and in future also, I plan to invest through them. I would like to thank once again the entire Investguru team for such invaluable services."
Added on 09/09/2014

Rakhi Sigtia
(Senior Manager)
Client Id-4379
"I am Rakhi, Married, Mother and working in IT company for last 14 years (now in Pune for last 9 years). I am interacting with Pawan and his organization since 2010. I feel that his organization is a boon for people like me who doesn’t have time to look at market trends. Who doesn’t have time to manage and switch the Investments, when need be. Somebody who can provide experience views and guide novice people like me who easily get perturbed when market suddenly decelerates. Invest Guru has helped me to Plan for 3 of my most important milestones in Life : Child Education, Marriage and My Retirement."
Added on 11/08/2014

Dinesh Chand Jain
(Sr. Manager)
Client Id-8449
"It's been more than 8 years of association with Accord Financial. I am glad and feel secured for my funds invested. Their regular & customized advise helps my funds grow"
Added on 09/07/2014

Vijaya Ragavan Pitchai
Client Id-3710
"No words can express, no act of gratitude can relay, no gift can represent what Accord’s support has meant to me. Please accept this note as an indicator of my heartfelt appreciation for all your guidance. According to the Dalai Lama, “The roots of goodness are in the soil of appreciation for goodness. You’ve been too good to me, and it is deeply appreciated.” You have been extremely supportive through past period which was difficult for investments. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with me. I will always be grateful for all that you have done to help me & thank you for sharing your vision which will help me through my life`s savings & finances. "
Added on 20/06/2014

Abhijeet Kumar
(Sr. Graphic Designer)
Client Id-25410
"3 years ago Mr Narender Mehra of Accord Financial services advised me how to invest in Mutual Fund. He suggested me four funds. I can turn it into big returns just by simply investing with minimum risk through SIP. Dear friends, don't put all your eggs in one basket."
Added on 03/06/2014

Chander Shekhar
Client Id-25507
"First of all, I thank Mr. Narender Mehra for choosing best funds in the market for my investments. His behaviour is so polite to me. Your company provides SIP intimation on email and through messages time to time. I think Accord Financial Services has good relationship with me and it will continue for a long time."
Added on 23/05/2014

Amit Kumar
(Vice President)
Client Id-24559
"I feel safe by getting my money invested through Accord Financial. My funds get a routine check by them. Sharing of right investment tips and guidance makes a vast difference in returns and this is what I think is Accord’s strength. Any time when I call for assistance, there is a polite tone with person ready to support. This is what makes me delighted."
Added on 15/05/2014

Parikshit Singh
(Manager-Corporate Relations)
Client Id-21681
"My special thanks to Ms. Shweta and Accord Financial for the kind of security given to my investments. It is really appreciable. Time and again, Accord Financial have advised me in such a manner that I always get the best result out of it. Looking forward for the same support in the future as well"
Added on 06/05/2014

Sanjeev Kumar Chatterjee
(Accounts Manager)
Client Id-17400
"At the time of 2nd birthday of my daughter in 2008, my wife and I were worried about the future and better education for her. Then I met with Mr. Neeraj Singh, a representative of Accord Financial. He suggested me two policies with my daughter’s future perspective. I took both the policies of Birla Sun life Insurance. Since then I have been using the services of Accord Financial and I am getting constantly the better services and consultancy from them for good planning to enhance my Investment. I would like to thank all the staff of Accord Financial for their service and kind support."
Added on 28/04/2014

Saurabh Kumar Dubey
(Branch Manager)
Client Id-25411
"Life is too busy. In my daily schedule I can't even manage my meal. But the people of Accord Financial lead me where I have to invest my money. They make it very easy for me. Words for them: My true financial planner"
Added on 19/04/2014

Nitin Kaushik
(Cardic Anaesthetist)
Client Id-8100
"I met Pawan when he was in his initial phase of his career and was working for a web portal. I took a Birla Sun Life policy from him way back in 2002. Now after 12 years, I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone for financial and investment related queries. Actually, he is a wholesome package and final destination for financial planning. He has an efficient and dedicated team always available for our queries. His firm, Accord Financial, now serves more than 20,000 clients which shows his dedication and sincerity towards his clients, who become a family to him in due course of time. My best wishes are with him and his team. God bless them. "
Added on 12/04/2014

Chaitanya Prakash
(VSM (Retd))
Client Id-14061
"We have been using the financial services of Accord Financials for last several years. All our investments and tax planning are handled by Mr Pawan Agarwal personally. His services are excellent and prompt. All our requests are attended to without any delay and to our full satisfaction by the highly responsive and competent staff. Account statements are regularly updated and are available on line. The investments are handled in accordance with objectives set by us. We recommend Accord highly"
Added on 04/04/2014
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