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Investments for NRIs

Indian Mutual Funds- Powerful Investment Option for NRIs
Participate in India's growth by investing in Indian Equity and Balanced Funds
You can now invest in Indian mutual funds by residing in the country of your work
and monitor your investments online. Minimal documentation required.
Attractive Returns
With Indian GDP growing at 5-8%, expect the funds to deliver 15-18% returns over
5 years and more period. In last 10 years, the equity fund category has delivered
more than 15% compounded returns.
Tax Free Returns
Enjoy tax free long term capital gains on investment made in equity and balanced
funds for more than one year
Flexible Investment Options
You may choose to invest in lumpsum mode or through Systematic Investment Plan
via monthly mode or both.
Plan for your Financial Goals
Use our Financial Planners to plan and create fund for your long term family goals like
child education and marriage, retirement through inflation beating equity/balanced funds
Online Access of Complete Portfolio
Investguru provides you a daily updated, comprehensive online portfolio tracker to view all
your investments online 24x7. Keeping a tab on the performance of investments is so simple.
Online Access for Future Transactions
Make further purchase/sale of funds directly on fund house websites from your country of work.
Only one time registration is required.
One-time Documentation
Simple documentation process is to be completed once to start investments in mutual funds.
No need to further fill and sign forms.

Best Equity Based Growth Funds for NRIs
      Product Name CATEGORY 1 Yr (%) 3 Yr (%) 5 Yr (%) FUND VALUE OF RS 10,000 INVESTED PER MONTH
(5 Years)
MIRAE ASSET EMERGING BLUECHIP FUND - GROWTH Equity 10.95 17.13 33.61 1333004 /-
CANARA ROBECO EMERGING EQUITIES - GROWTH Equity 13.30 15.76 34.22 1351631 /-
L&T HYBRID EQUITY FUND - REGULAR - GROWTH Equity 6.43 9.80 19.61 963239 /-
KOTAK STANDARD MULTICAP FUND - REGULAR - GROWTH Equity 10.76 13.07 23.40 1053041 /-
ADITYA BIRLA SUN LIFE SMALL CAP FUND - GROWTH Equity 3.77 14.60 28.03 1172828 /-
* Compounded Annualized Returns

For more details, you may write to or call Pawan Agrawal on +91 9811301416.
We shall be more than happy to assist you in your investment process.


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Risk Factor : All investments in mutual funds are subject to market risks and the NAV of the schemes may go up or down depending upon the factors and forces affecting the securities market and there can be no assurance that the fund's objectives will be achieved. Past performance of the Fund does not indicate the future performance of the Schemes of the Fund.