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The impact of Rs2 lakh cap on losses from house property 22 Feb 2017
Union Budget 2017 has proposed to cap the maximum loss that can be derived from a house property and set off against other sources of income. This loss could be in the nature of interest paid on a home loan being more than the rental value from the house. ... more ››
Investing in financial assets seems to be the right strategy 20 Feb 2017
Investors should increase their allocation to financial assets as Budget proposals signal a continuation of policies that bode well for these assets. ... more ››
Asset allocation is key to good investing 31 Jan 2017
If we distribute our wealth across different kinds of assets, the risks with each would then be minimised. There is simply no asset that is risk-free. ... more ››
3 don'ts in tax planning 11 Jan 2017
Good tax management can go a long way toward enhancing your return. But the decision needs to be made in conjunction with your overall portfolio and not in an ad-hoc fashion. ... more ››
Use ELSS for tax planning, long term wealth creation 09 Jan 2017
It's that time of the year when taxpayers rush to either invest in or buy a some financial products which will lessen their total tax burden once the financial year ends on March 31. ... more ››
3 New Year moves to make you rich 20 Dec 2016
You don't need to get ultra-frugal to save money. The general impression is that to pump up one's savings people have to forgo all the fun stuff. Not at all. You just have to play it smart. ... more ››
‘Demonetisation will lead to a big economic reset ’ 06 Dec 2016
With the long-term impact of demonetisation remaining unclear, there is a lot of volatility in the stock markets and uncertainty as regards the market trajectory from hereon. ... more ››
3 missteps in retirement planning 29 Nov 2016
Even careful, dedicated savers don’t always have a strategy in place as far as their retirement planning goes. Many times, people just put money aside and hope it will work out. ... more ››
3 habits stopping you from becoming rich 24 Nov 2016
People don't become wealthy by accident. You have to be determined to do the right things to create wealth. Since it starts with mindsets, we suggest that you nix these three common, yet costly, habits. ... more ››
Excess funds in bank? Pick a debt fund 24 Nov 2016
The move to demonetise old Rs500 and Rs1,000 currency notes, among other things, will certainly ensure that idle cash gets into bank accounts. Now that it is in a bank account why leave it idle? ... more ››
As junior grows, so does the kitty 15 Nov 2016
Building a corpus to meet growing financial needs as children grow is no child’s play. ... more ››
Debt Fund vs Fixed Deposit 08 Nov 2016
Debt Funds are becoming an increasingly widespread rival to the hallowed FD. Here are their pros and cons vis-à-vis bank deposits. ... more ››
Mutual funds or ULIPs: Where must you invest? 28 Oct 2016
There is no denying that Unit Linked Insurance Plans, popularly known as ULIPs, are now much better products than what they were before 2010. ... more ››
There is no perfect time 28 Oct 2016
Don't wait to get everything in order before you start investing. Do not let your money lie idle in the bank. ... more ››
Saving tax through Mutual Funds 24 Oct 2016
Compared to other allowable investments, ELSS funds are uniquely advantageous. There are two reasons for this. ... more ››
Compounding can make you very rich 13 Oct 2016
Compounding produces such unintuitive results that perhaps only a few mathematical geniuses can be expected to have a real feel for it. ... more ››
PPF rates go lower, and will go even lower 05 Oct 2016
Already at an all-time low, the interest rates on the PPF and other government deposits will keep dropping. Is it time to forget about these schemes? ... more ››
Term plans are good. Are you good for one? 19 Sep 2016
The young, educated, healthy well-off and non-smokers get better term covers than older, less educated, low-earning and smokers. ... more ››
3 reasons an equity mutual fund trumps over buying stocks 16 Sep 2016
Most people are fairly unanimous on the fact that from all investment opportunities, stocks offer the most potential for growth. ... more ››
ELSS for Senior Citizens 07 Sep 2016
For senior citizen with taxable income, ELSS funds are an excellent option for tax-saving. ... more ››
Should equities be a part of every investor's portfolio? 06 Sep 2016
Starting to invest early for your goals is critical, as any delay in investing can negatively impact your cash flows in a big way. ... more ››
How staying invested in MF schemes via SIP pays 01 Sep 2016
India’s equity fund managers have done quite a job since the Lehman crisis period. Investors who’d entered at the pre-crisis peak in January of 2008, when the 30-share Sensex touched a high of 21,000, have managed decent returns. ... more ››
Average is good enough 23 Aug 2016
Nothing but the best will do is the motto when it comes to our expectations from others. And if we have written the cheque, we feel entitled to the best that is out there. Most of our troubles as investors begin with this simplistic benchmark that we have in our head. ... more ››
Manage your wealth like you manage your health 08 Aug 2016
Because of the many distractions around us, we think we can catch up with our health and wealth goals in the future.... more ››
Open in case of death 26 Jul 2016
Nothing is certain except death, corruption and taxes. However the unexpected death of a loved one can cause damage over and above the emotional shock and grief it inflicts. ... more ››
You need to save more for retirement 25 Jul 2016
The basics numbers of saving, investment and life expectancy have changed and we all need to save more for old age. ... more ››
Misconceptions about the very basics 22 Jul 2016
Dividends and NAVs--two basics numbers of investing--are widely misunderstood by investors. ... more ››
SIPs are about psychology, not maths 08 Jul 2016
The real value of SIPs lies in its tendency to encourage investors to continue investing through thick and thin and thereby, generate better returns from equity. ... more ››
Look beyond the Exits 06 Jul 2016
“Rexit” and “Brexit” hit the Indian markets by surprise. In the recent period, even with these events, Indian equity market has been the most resilient amongst the global markets. The benchmark index NSE Nifty has outperformed other global peers by 3 per cent and more. ... more ››
The same old question about real estate investments 06 Jul 2016
The cases for a house you live in, vs real estate bought as an investment is very different ... more ››
Protecting your retirement income 01 Jul 2016
Equity rather than bank deposits offers real protection to income in retirement. This calls for a change of mindset ... more ››
Low NAV doesn't mean cheaper fund 20 Jun 2016
If there is one myth that fund distributors love to propagate, it is that a fund with a low net asset value (NAV) is cheaper. ... more ››
Get a new approach to savings 17 Jun 2016
Be as proactive in your saving as in your spending. No, we are not talking about the recurring deposits or savings accounts ... more ››
Time for the Dividend Misconception to Go Away 08 Jun 2016
For mutual fund investors, dividends have always been a source of great confusion, misconceptions and suboptimal investment decisions. ... more ››
Equity without fear 23 May 2016
In the long run, equity investments do not turn out to be as risky and volatile as generally expected. ... more ››
Does NPS make sense as a tax-saving investment? 16 May 2016
If you have the stomach for a long-term equity investment, forget about the tax savings and invest in an equity fund ... more ››
NRIs need to plan well 09 May 2016
Returning middle-class NRIs, especially the ones who have worked in the Middle East, are an anxious lot where their finances are concerned. ... more ››
Make the savings work 09 May 2016
Wealth is not the money one ac-cumulates, it is the money one has put to work. ... more ››
Don't look for the best fund 06 May 2016
Many investors start with searching for the best fund to invest in, they should instead focus on choosing the right fund ... more ››
Balanced funds see massive inflows 20 Apr 2016
Balanced funds have gained popularity due to favourable taxation and their recent outperformance against large cap funds ... more ››
Winners and Losers 13 Apr 2016
A lot of us, in a lot of different fields, feel that emulating the winners is a good way to win. If something works for those who got the best results, then why shouldn't it work for others? ... more ››
Mutual funds or ULIPs: Where must you invest? 08 Apr 2016
There is no denying that Unit Linked Insurance Plans, popularly known as ULIPs, are now much better products than what they were before 2010. ... more ››
Why Should You Invest in Mutual Funds? 30 Mar 2016
When considering investment opportunities, the first challenge that almost every investor faces is a plethora of options. ... more ››
ELSS: Latest performance numbers can mislead 17 Mar 2016
As with any fund investment, when narrowing down on an equity linked savings scheme, or ELSS, an error investors are prone to make is opting for the most recent chart topper. ... more ››
Equity investment is like a bamboo tree 15 Mar 2016
One waters the bamboo tree for four years and nothing happens. The seed remains in the ground. In the fifth year, the bamboo tree goes to touch the sky. ... more ››
Without a term insurance, your investment plan can fail 08 Mar 2016
If there is one financial product which practically everyone must have, then that's term insurance. ... more ››
Irrespective of cycles, there are enough opportunities to make money 07 Mar 2016
Retail investors have got rattled with continuing volatility in markets. 3 year SIPs are showing anaemic returns, and distributors are being asked a lot of searching questions by nervous investors. ... more ››
Should you invest in PPF or ELSS? 26 Feb 2016
Comparing one to the other is not completely fair, given the fact that both are completely different products and target different needs in a portfolio. While PPF is a great investment for every single investor, so is equity. ... more ››
Why one shouldn't compromise when investing, buying insurance 22 Feb 2016
To an ordinary investor with modest means, building a corpus of Rs 1 crore takes time. Insurance is the hedge that he can offer his family, even as long-term wealth building is in progress. ... more ››
How to build a portfolio 19 Feb 2016
Having a separate portfolio for each financial goal gives you the best chance of fulfilling them. Here's how you can build such portfolios. ... more ››
Don't time the markets by stopping and starting SIPs 08 Feb 2016
For what is supposed to be a simple (and simplifying) idea, there are way too many misconceptions about the SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) way of investing. ... more ››
Keep the focus on earnings when in your 40s 18 Jan 2016
The worrying couple nudging the 40s is one of the most common types that I meet when I speak to investors. Most of them are very successful professionally. ... more ››
Go on an accumulation drive 16 Jan 2016
The Indian equity market in 2015 was relatively well-behaved and held up firmly against other emerging markets, which have fallen more. ... more ››
Equity funds for long-term goals 14 Jan 2016
In the long run, equity is the only asset class that manages to beat inflation and earn positive returns ... more ››
ELSS Vs ULIP? 31 Dec 2015
Savers sometimes think of ELSS funds and ULIPs as alternatives. This is a mistake ... more ››
The many advantages of ELSS funds 23 Dec 2015
ELSS funds are an advantageous way to use the Rs 1.5 lakh limit for tax saving investments under Section 80C. ... more ››
How to maximize gains from mutual fund SIPs 21 Dec 2015
If mutual funds help investors to diversify across a basket of stocks, SIPs help him diversify over time. ... more ››
5 golden rules of financial planning 14 Dec 2015
These financial tenets shall never change or become irrelevant. Follow them if you want to protect your finances against uncertainty. ... more ››
The 1-2-3 of Planning Your STP Investment 11 Dec 2015
The best way of investing a lump sum in equity funds is through an STP. But how long should an STP run? ... more ››
Power of Compounding 01 Dec 2015
Compounding investment earnings can turn your small investments into a whopping sum after a period of time. ... more ››
Misconceptions About the Very Basics 16 Nov 2015
Dividends and NAVs--two basics numbers of investing--are widely misunderstood by investors ... more ››
What investment risk is all about 09 Nov 2015
Risk perception decides the choice of one’s investment products. For instance, you may be averse to investing in equity funds because you watched your parents lose a fortune in the stock market. ... more ››
Why making money is all about asset allocation 02 Nov 2015
The most commonly asked question when someone comes to know that I work in the area of investments is: Where should I be investing my money now? ... more ››
Where to invest for saving tax? 26 Oct 2015
Most of us want to reduce the tax outgo on our salary as much as possible. For this purpose, the investment limit of Rs 1.5 lakh a year, allowed as deduction from your income under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, can play a large role. ... more ››
Equity income funds good for conservatives 16 Oct 2015
Since debt component and arbitrage portions contain equity risk, first-time or retired investors can feel safe. ... more ››
Can you trust your bank for investment advice? 12 Oct 2015
In the last five years, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (Irdai) has taken a number of steps to curb the menace of mis-selling. ... more ››
Managing wealth when you don’t have the time 28 Sep 2015
It’s imperative for working professionals and businesspersons to appoint a professional financial adviser to manage their wealth ... more ››
5 don'ts when using star ratings 15 Sep 2015
Funds' star ratings can be misleading. Here are five don’ts to consider when checking out the 5-star rated funds. ... more ››
The Illusion of Children-Specific Products 07 Sep 2015
Financial products that are designed specifically for your children’s future are not what they are cracked up to be. ... more ››
Should you buy a second home as an investment? 24 Aug 2015
The key consideration is to figure how the decision to buy the second house will impact their financial lives. ... more ››
Equity versus Equity Funds 14 Aug 2015
It takes less effort, less time, less experience and less specialised knowledge to get good returns from equity mutual funds than it does from directly trading in equities ... more ››
Should your portfolio have sector funds? 31 Jul 2015
In What is a core holding, we explained why sector funds must never be core holdings. ... more ››
Time for the Dividend Misconception to Go Away 22 Jul 2015
For mutual fund investors, dividends have always been a source of great confusion, misconceptions and suboptimal investment decisions. ... more ››
Why it is important to choose the right vehicle for financial journey 06 May 2015
To invest long-term money meant for retirement in simple interest bearing instruments, is to choose to walk that distance because the aircraft is scary ... more ››
Why do balanced funds outperform markets despite a debt component? 23 Mar 2015
A balanced fund like BSL 95, with a 30% debt component, delivered a handsome CAGR of over 22% over the last 20 years, comfortably beating Nifty ... more ››
It is companies that create wealth, not markets 29 Oct 2014
Anand Shah, Chief Investment Officer (CIO), BNP Paribas Mutual Fund shares his perspective on markets, current state of the economy and his fund management strategy ... more ››
How investing in equities can help you secure your retirement 22 Sep 2014
In retirement planning, there is a critical problem to solve. Retirement planners call this problem the adequacy of corpus. ... more ››
The benefits of having a financial planner 10 Jun 2014
In a country where event managers are paid for organising weddings and nutritionists are paid for making diet plans, financial advisors struggle to make a case for earning a fee ... more ››
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Risk Factor : All investments in mutual funds are subject to market risks and the NAV of the schemes may go up or down depending upon the factors and forces affecting the securities market and there can be no assurance that the fund's objectives will be achieved. Past performance of the Fund does not indicate the future performance of the Schemes of the Fund.