M&M Finance Services Limited
rate of interest (% p.a.)

Period (months) Monthly Income Plan Quaterly Option Half-Yearly Option Annual Income Plan Cumulative Option


- 7.90 % 7.95 % 8.10 % 8.10 %

Minimum Amount (Rs)

10000 10000 10000 10000

Maximum Amount(Rs)

10000 5000000 5000000 5000000
Duration 12
Issuer M&M Finance Services Limited
Credit Rating FAAA by CRISIL
Cheque in Favour of MMFSL-Fixed Deposits
Tax Treatment of Income Taxable returns
Tax Benefit on Investment Not Applicable
Withdrawal Option available with penalty
Specifications Suitable for investors looking for safety or who are in low tax bracket
Pros Guranteed returns, High safety, 0.25% extra for senior citizen
Cons Taxable returns
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