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market linked -4.12 % -10.17 % -

BenchMark : MSCI Golden Dragon Index (Total Return Net)

BenchMark Return - - -

Value of Rs. 1,00,000 Invested

current value 95880 72487 -
scheme objective The primary investment objective of the Scheme is to provide long term capital appreciation bypredominatingly investing in units of Schroder International Selection Fund Greater China, a fundthat aims to provide capital growth by investing in equity and equity related securities of People'sRepublic of China, Hong Kong SAR and Taiwan companies. The Scheme may also invest a part of its corpus in debt, money market instruments and / or units of liquid schemes inorder to meet liquidity requirements from time to time.
Category Mutual Fund > Other > FoF Overseas
Fund Type Open Ended
Fund Manager Krishnaa N
Minimum Amount for Lumpsum Investment (Rs.) 100
Minimum Amount for SIP Investment (Rs.) 100
Nav Date 16/07/2024
Nav 6.92
AUM (Cr.) 187.60
AUM Date 30/06/2024
Expense Ratio Currently 2
Expense Ratio Date Currently 30/06/2024
Modified Duration(Yrs) -
Modified Duration Date(Yrs) -
YTM Date -
Entry Load NIL
Exit Load Nil for 10% of investments and 1% for remaining investments on or before 12M, Nil after 12M
Tax Treatment of Income
Tax Benefit on Investment
Withdrawal Anytime
Risk Factor All investments in mutual funds are subject to market risks and the NAV of the schemes may go up or down depending upon the factors and forces affecting the securities market and there can be no assurance that the fund's objectives will be achieved. Past performance of the Fund does not indicate the future performance of the Schemes of the Fund.
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