Best Mutual Funds for Beginners

First time investors can choose to invest both for safety and growth. While debt funds are suggested for short term needs, a part of savings should be allocated to growth funds to meet long term family goals. Investguru suggests you the best mutual funds for beginners and manages your portfolio to provide you the best investment experience.

Model Solution for Beginner Planning
Preferred Plans for age years for risk profile

Row Product Name
1 Yr (%)
3 Yr (%)

5 Yr (%)
Fund Value of ₹ 10,000
Invested Per Month (5 Years)


Equity - Small cap Fund

Benchmark Return






1220562 /-

Start Investing


Hybrid - Aggressive Hybrid Fund

Benchmark Return






845729 /-

Start Investing


Hybrid - Dynamic Asset Allocation or Balanced Advantage

Benchmark Return






858375 /-

Start Investing


Equity - Mid Cap Fund

Benchmark Return






1137480 /-

Start Investing

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tip TIP : The minimum invesment requirement to the fund is 1000/- per month only

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Suggested Assest Allocation

  • Equity-HYBRID (50%)
  • Equity-MID CAP (25%)
  • Equity-SMALL CAP (25%)

Expected Portfolio Return

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In a dynamic world, regular monitoring of fund performance and progress of financial goals is critical for financial success. Track and manage your investments with ease through Investguru’s Advanced Online Portfolio Tracker.

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Get periodic portfolio review report and action plan from your dedicated Investguru Investment Advisor on personal basis. The alerts and notifications for asset re-balancing, financial goals completion, change in fund and more are provided online through the Investguru’s Advanced Online Portfolio Tracker.

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What is a mutual fund?

Mutual fund is a financial instrument which pools the money of different people and invests them in different financial securities like stocks, bonds etc.

The minimum initial investment for a mutual fund through SIP is Rs. 500/- and as lumpsum Rs. 1000/-.

It is very easy to liquidate mutual fund invetsment. Depending upon the type of mutual fund, investment can be liquidated in 2-4 working days.

Mutual fund investments are regulated by government through SEBI. Risk/safety in mutual funds depends upon the type of fund in which investments are made.

Various types of mutual funds are available to cater different needs of an investor. Broadly they are categorised as equity, hybrid and debt funds.

Choice of fund depends upon the investment goal and risk taking capacity of the investor. It may vary for each investor.

Returns in mutual funds depends upon the type of fund in which money is invested. In safer fund returns are 1-2% over prevailing FD returns which as an indicator have been 7-9% historically. In growth funds, we can expect returns around 5% over and above prevailing inflation rate. As an indicator, returns in growth funds have been 12-15% historically.

Aadhar and PAN card are mandatory. Investor should have bank account.

Mode of investment depends upon availability of funds. If the income is available monthly, then investment should also be done monthly through SIP

When we invest a fixed amount on a predefined interval in a mutual fund scheme, it is called systematic investment plan (SIP). E.g. Investing 2000/- per month on 10th of every month.

For the first time investment, cheque is required with application form which also comprises of ECS mandate. Once the ECS mandate is registered with the bank, SIP amount will get monthly deducted automatically on the chosen date of the month.

You can increase the SIP amount by starting a new SIP in an existing fund or in a new fund.

You cannot decrease the existing SIP but can discontinue the same and start the new one with lesser amount.

Nothing, when the time for next SIP comes, your SIP will continue as normal. However, mutual fund company may discontinue SIP on continuous dishonour.

SIP can be stopped anytime. A one month notice is to be given to mutual fund company.

There are no charges or penalty for stopping SIP.

You can withdraw your funds fully or partially anytime subject to exit load or taxes, if applicable.

Withdrawing money from mutual fund is called redemption.

You can redeem your investments either online through your login id and password or by submitting physical forms. You may also let us know your requirement and we will help you to complete the documentation required for redemptions.

Taxation on gains is dependent upon various factors and can be discussed individually with the financial advisor.

Yes, rebate under section 80C is available in growth oriented ELSS funds.

In case of an unfortunate event, the investment is transferred on nominee’s name after completion of required documentation.

A qualified and experienced mutual fund advisor appointed by Investguru manages your portfolio and answers all your queries over your investment journey.

Investguru provides you an online portfolio tracker to view, analyse and manage your investments.

How does Investguru help me in my investments?

Investguru works as your personal financial advisor. It first understand your needs and suggests you well researched investments on the basis of your current investment profile and future financial needs(goals). It helps you in making these investments online or through physical forms and monitors them on periodical basis.

Investguru believes in reviewing every bit of money invested on regular intervals in order to keep up with the market. Your personal advisor will review your portfolio periodically and suggest you the changes for your portfolio, if needed.

Investguru provides a comprehensive online portal for you to plan and manage your investments better. Our online services helps you investment planning, analysis and updates, keeping track of portfolio progress and providing suggestive changes in your portfolio in line with your personal financial goals.

All investments are subject to market risk. However, our researchers make sure that your investments reap you the best possible returns. At any time, if the investment is not performing up to our expectations, we will review and revise your portfolio in order to continue to get the desired result.

InvestGuru does not charge any advisory fee from the clients. Investguru is directly remunerated by the fund houses and insurance companies.

InvestGuru works with you as your personal financial advisor. We recommends you to invest through us so that we provide the right advice in the beginning and can also keep track of your investments to support you throughout your investment period.

You can redeem your investments either online through your login id and password or by submitting physical forms. You may also let us know your requirement and we will help you to complete the documentation required for redemptions. After the redemption is made, you shall receive the money from the fund house/insurance company directly in your bank account, or through cheque(in some cases).

In that situation, your investments will still be safe and continue to perform as the your money is invested with SEBI registered mutual fund companies or IRDAI regulated insurance companies. The money is not invested or given to Investguru. InvestGuru works as your financial advisor only who maintains and manages your investments as per your goals.

No, investguru does not hold any right to buy or sell funds on your behalf. However, if you express your desire to make changes to your investments portfolio, Investguru will recommend the desired changes and will guide you through the process of making such changes. Any change is possible only with your approval, whether given electronically or through physical forms.

There is no extra risk of investing through Investguru other than the inherent market risks that comes with any investment.

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